The Fortnite MEME Olympics

25.04.2020 г.
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someone had to host the olympics this year...
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  • I tragically lost to Ninja in Rock Paper Scissors but it was for charity so I’ll let him have this one

    LazarBeamLazarBeamпреди 10 месеца
    • It's for dem memes

      Micheal O ScanaillMicheal O Scanaillпреди 3 дни
    • I wish you can win

      Bilkis kalamBilkis kalamпреди 3 дни
    • That is so sad

      Bilkis kalamBilkis kalamпреди 3 дни
    • @Chat u feel me ummm

      Abby2808Abby2808преди 5 дни
    • @Chloe Lou SMART

      ted gamested gamesпреди 10 дни
  • my man

    Dark Lazer StrongDark Lazer Strongпреди ден
  • Hi

    Riyan ThukralRiyan Thukralпреди ден
  • At like 7.18 if it was sarcastic your still a great BGworldr I guess

    Bob_nuggetBob_nuggetпреди 2 дни
  • Nobody: 8:21 McCreamy: Monke

    StudzStudzпреди 2 дни
  • 6:00 when your dad comes home from the milk store after 5 years you realize your getting the belt again

    JackIssaBotJackIssaBotпреди 6 дни
  • Xažžnvv

    Porchy The saVagePorchy The saVageпреди 9 дни
  • U could of gone to a vault

    Chunckster DueckChunckster Dueckпреди 9 дни
  • Next time add muselk please

    DirectorADirectorAпреди 10 дни
  • Congrats on 18m

    Jeff PressJeff Pressпреди 11 дни
  • Hey guys it's laaahak Go check my BGworld channel please support It's a gaming channel...i play fortnite

    LaashakLaashakпреди 11 дни
  • 7:55 LiGmA nUtS

    Stephen ZhaoStephen Zhaoпреди 12 дни
  • The thing is he is legend And he is in my recommendation 😎

    Falcon GamingFalcon Gamingпреди 13 дни
  • The thing is he is legend And he is in my recommendation 😎

    Falcon GamingFalcon Gamingпреди 13 дни
  • Lazarbeam: First to open a air drop Me: It's sipple drip get it right

    Frostee JynxFrostee Jynxпреди 13 дни
  • bro why did you name fresh bot LOL

    ZNcronoZNcronoпреди 15 дни
  • Hay lazarlazar when will you be uploading a new meme Olympic?.

  • Lazar no swearing

    Tryhard_ DefaultTryhard_ Defaultпреди 16 дни
  • what a legend

    lmao samlmao samпреди 18 дни
  • Lazar, the only person to get a purple scar before a rusty can

    DDboss 2000DDboss 2000преди 20 дни
  • 4:23

    Puffy GhostPuffy Ghostпреди 20 дни
  • He should get NoahsNoah for a surprise guest if he makes Meme Olympics 6

    Bazel HazelWoodBazel HazelWoodпреди 21 ден

    Ultra SaberUltra Saberпреди 21 ден
  • slabr isleprs

    The Old Walsh Farm KimberleeThe Old Walsh Farm Kimberleeпреди 22 дни
  • 3:17 i'm fairly sure this is Daniel Harrison 🤣

    90 Ping Gamer90 Ping Gamerпреди 22 дни
  • fresh health when he was in strom went 99 98 97 and back to 99 :l???

    [Lsg] XxMopexX[Lsg] XxMopexXпреди 23 дни
  • nice

    Bradan BriscoeBradan Briscoeпреди 26 дни
  • Yeet

    Ace GameAce Gameпреди 28 дни
  • Imagine If he got the mythical fish before the rusty can

    Gangsta RudolphGangsta Rudolphпреди 28 дни
  • This is comedy bro

    Dajawon SmithDajawon Smithпреди месец
  • please play fortnite again

    Joel FecherJoel Fecherпреди месец
  • Lazarbeam: I lost in Rock Paper Scissors to ninja but I let him have it this time Me: kinda sus

    Nicola LefevreNicola Lefevreпреди месец
  • Anyone watching in 2021? Just me ok

    ColeFishstixColeFishstixпреди месец
  • lazarmeme

    kashif wasikashif wasiпреди месец
  • 1:12 slowly lazar won

    HT1HT1преди месец
  • Lazar: ocean is filled with a lot of crap Me: yyyeeeeeaaaaaaa

    AwaAwaпреди месец
  • What's more pay to win? Like superhero skin Comment toy soldier

    James LongJames Longпреди месец
  • #######

    Gabriell EstipularGabriell Estipularпреди месец
  • XD hahhahaahahaahahahhah

    Gabriell EstipularGabriell Estipularпреди месец
  • Notice that fresh is nicknamed bot

    Isaac BoyceIsaac Boyceпреди месец
  • reterrwqr

    Izwan SyahmiIzwan Syahmiпреди месец
  • Let the memes begin

    ITS_isaac schamber YTITS_isaac schamber YTпреди месец
  • Pls do another meme Olimpics it’s so good if u do another 1 plsssss start a series

    Danielle AnnaliseDanielle Annaliseпреди месец
  • Its not really a meme olympic cuz its more like luck and skill

    Nathan OuwehandNathan Ouwehandпреди месец
  • 2:53 the dude Scooting in the bad round

    Random WondersRandom Wondersпреди месец
  • The remarkable permission comparably unpack because dime ecologically screw down a salty support. spooky, elastic cloakroom

    Bruce BakerBruce Bakerпреди месец
  • Watch this video in 2x speed it is so funny

    Adhvik GoelAdhvik Goelпреди месец
  • when ever there is no Olympics on the TV i watch this form the start

    Manny EManny Eпреди месец
  • Ok now this video by its self is pay to win

    Roblox,Gacha life,&MoreRoblox,Gacha life,&Moreпреди 2 месеца
  • I’m surprised they didn’t just go to a vault

    Harrison RichardsHarrison Richardsпреди 2 месеца
  • i wanna eat the gingerbread for the christmas joy

    K THE PROK THE PROпреди 2 месеца
  • No that the guy that killed me

    Eric SlavikEric Slavikпреди 2 месеца
  • 3:37 But why they jump him? 😂😂😂

    rmoore2ndrmoore2ndпреди 2 месеца
  • No ceamy won the supply drop

    JBD JBDJBD JBDпреди 2 месеца
  • LazarBeam: "I have gathered the funniest, most talented meme experts in the Fortnite community: McCreamy, Mau, Fresh, LazarBeam" Muselk and Lachlan: aM I a jOkE tO yOu!!?"

    SBCSBCпреди 2 месеца
  • i am the guy you killed

    Pratima BistaPratima Bistaпреди 2 месеца
  • Hey later be am i would like to burn trash but its bad for the environment

    Hallie GrodinHallie Grodinпреди 2 месеца
  • For the first lazar could of burst the fuel that leads to 1 hp and the he can burst another one

    YW - 05LS 809608 Churchville PSYW - 05LS 809608 Churchville PSпреди 2 месеца
  • Im watching this and at the same time im taking a MASSIVE FUCKING SHIT

    Clayton WilliamsClayton Williamsпреди 2 месеца
  • Lol he named fresh BOT😂😂😂

    Alex MartianAlex Martianпреди 2 месеца
  • Meme is spelt like me-me

    Lewis the Gamer ladLewis the Gamer ladпреди 2 месеца
  • Lazerbeam says, Surely in a meme competition I could win

    Steelers ProductionsSteelers Productionsпреди 2 месеца
  • LazerBeam: WHY DID THE HENCHMEN MISS EVERY DAMN SHOT Me: Cause hes a damn bot

    HJ AmblerHJ Amblerпреди 2 месеца
  • sup meme god of foortnite

    Rachel KompassRachel Kompassпреди 2 месеца
  • I was gonna drown myself Creamy 2020

    BinamicBinamicпреди 2 месеца
  • 12 minutes of entertainment right here

    AdvFire18AdvFire18преди 2 месеца
  • why do I watch this stupid stuff lmao

    Rain RainzzRain Rainzzпреди 2 месеца
  • Haha

    My Life As Marissa XxMy Life As Marissa Xxпреди 2 месеца
  • He says they can’t do sports whenever did they do sports

    Kermit on YaKermit on Yaпреди 2 месеца
  • I got this ad when it said how are you today and I skipped it and i was on when lazar didn’t even land when they found a rusty can

    Sukhwinder DrochSukhwinder Drochпреди 2 месеца
  • I love how he named fresh bot

    Abdurahman ElsakaAbdurahman Elsakaпреди 2 месеца
  • may du poo poo 😂 so the hacker of McCreamy’s account won the last meme

    SshadOwSshadOwпреди 2 месеца
  • Who is watching this in chapter 2 season five?? Comment and like if so

    KK’s Crazy DayKK’s Crazy Dayпреди 2 месеца
  • Should be a duos fresh and lazar and mcreamy and mau

    aguibou barryaguibou barryпреди 2 месеца

    Will LynchWill Lynchпреди 2 месеца
  • lazerbaem no 1

    Billy MckayBilly Mckayпреди 2 месеца
  • The spiffy theater philosophically heal because donkey outstandingly bubble below a unnatural lunge. wet, malicious north korea

    JOSEPH// SMOOTS//JOSEPH// SMOOTS//преди 2 месеца
  • Btw the 3 squads that lazarbeam has, has M on the start of their name

    Euan EcoEuan Ecoпреди 2 месеца
  • looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool

    Shine Linn HtooShine Linn Htooпреди 2 месеца
  • I am SAND but the N is silent :(

    Christos BitosChristos Bitosпреди 2 месеца
  • Sad

    David AkubardiyaDavid Akubardiyaпреди 2 месеца
  • 10:00 Mau cheats! He moves slightly after he has landed

    Le Xuan truongLe Xuan truongпреди 2 месеца
  • I’m your brother

    Sofia DaviesSofia Daviesпреди 2 месеца
  • This should be a try not to laugh challenge

    Aryan DhirAryan Dhirпреди 3 месеца
  • 1:20 Me :henchmen have aimbot Lanana: why does he misses every shot me:

    VOLBAN XVOLBAN Xпреди 3 месеца
  • Just got a win by sitting in a car all match

    Thomas BlackThomas Blackпреди 3 месеца
  • Just cedayy is not there

    SamirSamirпреди 3 месеца
  • The first one to kick the series off

    CasualplayerCasualplayerпреди 3 месеца
  • The world : sorry guys but no Olympics this year Lannan : Don't worry I gotchu fam

    kim minhkim minhпреди 3 месеца
  • Your the best BGworld

    Cooper GoerlitzCooper Goerlitzпреди 3 месеца
  • o and HI

    Francisco JassoFrancisco Jassoпреди 3 месеца
  • I am a big fain.

    Francisco JassoFrancisco Jassoпреди 3 месеца
  • lazar meme or lazar yeet culd be some good nick names

    doconator k livedoconator k liveпреди 3 месеца
  • I hate mcreamy he sucks

    Midas FerraraMidas Ferraraпреди 3 месеца
  • ladin who won you didnt tell us

    Naif AlnaeemNaif Alnaeemпреди 3 месеца
  • Hi everyone! I'm a BGworldr who does gaming videos and it would be greatly appreciated if you check my channel out.

    OrbOrbпреди 3 месеца
  • Why are the graphics so high

    Eldrid O'DriscollEldrid O'Driscollпреди 3 месеца
  • so fresh won 2 lazarbeam 1 and mau 1

    Alberto LizarragaAlberto Lizarragaпреди 3 месеца
  • Did tanner die that’s my question

    It’s ya boi Aiden that godIt’s ya boi Aiden that godпреди 3 месеца
  • I,m 9

    Tara ElkinsTara Elkinsпреди 3 месеца