first game with MY SKIN

3.03.2021 г.
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LazarBeam X Fortnite MARCH 4TH - CODE LAZAR
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  • I’m coppin that skin!

    NOT ICYNOT ICYпреди 12 минути
  • I literally got the skin as soon as it came out at 7:00

    Brenda FitzgeraldBrenda Fitzgeraldпреди 12 минути

      Brenda FitzgeraldBrenda Fitzgeraldпреди 12 минути
  • You deserve this bro

    fabiofabioпреди 13 минути
  • I’m a big fan that I buy it

    Lenny sanisacaLenny sanisacaпреди 13 минути
  • I BOUGHT THAT SKIN!!!!!!!!!!!!

    sob1q STANDOFF2sob1q STANDOFF2преди 14 минути
  • FYI there’s a game mode out now and they unvaulted the chug jug and you should do the true blue

    YaboiBryceYaboiBryceпреди 15 минути
  • 😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎

    rylin007rylin007преди 15 минути
  • Three years ago you made a video and it was oddly satisfying sub Reddit videos and he said if you got 100,000 likes you would buy the happy cow machine and you have over 400,000 now so where is the happy cow machine

    Carol AppleCarol Appleпреди 15 минути
  • you earned it

    Patricia AcostaPatricia Acostaпреди 15 минути
  • I like how he killed someone using his skin for the win

    Ma5ter106Ma5ter106преди 15 минути
  • I bought the skin

    Lil Jim JimLil Jim Jimпреди 16 минути
  • I love you laser beam congrats son the skin mate

    Nicci FrommNicci Frommпреди 16 минути
  • Bought your bundle using code lazar of course

    Matthew ConnorMatthew Connorпреди 17 минути
  • Yessirrr 😳 first win first game

    Vision qtVision qtпреди 17 минути
  • I got the skin using code lazar boiii

    Elijah BonnevilleElijah Bonnevilleпреди 18 минути
  • iM oN sMoKo sO lEaVe mE aLoNe!!!

    Crystal foxCrystal foxпреди 18 минути
  • if u guys like Minecraft vids, then sub to SirTurnip

    Reese VidakovichReese Vidakovichпреди 19 минути
  • 🥲🥲🥲🥳🥳🥳

    Paola MartinezPaola Martinezпреди 20 минути
  • In chapter 2 season 2 you and fresh said you will never get your own skin in fortnite look at you now

    King ZaygradeWolfzKing ZaygradeWolfzпреди 20 минути
  • This dose not have an excuse for them making you pay for save the world aigen and there milking every franchise dry so epic games makes the little’s bit of there dollars and cents it really stupid that they do that season 7 and under they where not that bad but now there a huge game compiney and they really don’t care they make lawsuits that do not need to be made they just wanna take all the money for them selfs.

    apex boi20apex boi20преди 20 минути
  • I find that funny how you got your own skin before fresh

    Kyler BeattyKyler Beattyпреди 21 минута
  • Lazar I am happy to say I bought the lazar skin with code lazar

    Jaymoney GamesJaymoney Gamesпреди 21 минута
  • I'm so sorry I forgot to have code Lazar

    noah Caudillonoah Caudilloпреди 22 минути
  • Congrats

    mariano paleromariano paleroпреди 22 минути
  • Madden needs you back man

    Izaya DIzaya Dпреди 22 минути
  • Yes siree good job

    V3trixPlayz 2V3trixPlayz 2преди 22 минути
  • Make meme with new emote " Shanty for a squad " please

    Alia SyifaAlia Syifaпреди 22 минути
  • Lazar somebody made a fake LazarBeam account on yt

    Taylor WatkinsTaylor Watkinsпреди 23 минути
  • Lazarbeam is officially the king of fortnite

    Hardcore gamerHardcore gamerпреди 23 минути
  • don't watch you tube its a joke of a scam they take our money and give us 240p only youtube right. like someone else deserve 1080 when im paying for high speed internet

    mike Cmike Cпреди 23 минути
  • Australians yute: truck roadmen in britan like - - _ stole our word ahah

    Sarahjayne MillwardSarahjayne Millwardпреди 23 минути
  • Yeeet

    Prachi DoshiPrachi Doshiпреди 24 минути

    Gavan SwallowsGavan Swallowsпреди 24 минути
  • ITS FIRE!.. BUT i dont have vbuck i want to buy your skin its fire

    pikapikaпреди 26 минути
  • I want to show my frind for his birthday

    piper spiper sпреди 26 минути
  • Lazerbeam can you add me

    piper spiper sпреди 26 минути
  • It does not even look like him

    Ravers FNRavers FNпреди 27 минути
  • I actually got the emote. It’s really funny to use when I get an elimination.

    SLASH DRAWSSLASH DRAWSпреди 27 минути
  • Congrat

    Samuel AdamSamuel Adamпреди 27 минути
  • Bob the builder

    Samuel AdamSamuel Adamпреди 28 минути
  • my proflie is toilet paper i just went to my toilet paper and took a picture :)

    Raphael VairoaRaphael Vairoaпреди 28 минути
  • Vengo buscando un comentario en español

    Tomas CotrinaTomas Cotrinaпреди 28 минути
  • Damn number 1 trending

    JakeJakeпреди 29 минути
  • Hi lazar beam your my favorite BGworldr and the skin came to the shop so I'm going to get it and I have code lazar and also one more thing yeet

    TheDarkOceanGamerTheDarkOceanGamerпреди 29 минути
  • Where is the mullet?

    Garikipati AnuragGarikipati Anuragпреди 29 минути
  • What is going to happen to gingy

    YaYeet 1475YaYeet 1475преди 29 минути
  • I got your skin finally i love your skin.

    Kathryn SindlingerKathryn Sindlingerпреди 30 минути
  • 👍🏻

    mr. khsvmr. khsvпреди 30 минути
  • I wanted a skin so bad and it came out tonight but Lazar came out so made the choice to buy... Lazar it's a sick skin

    Evie WalkerEvie Walkerпреди 32 минути
  • i have a vidio idea : if u tak any damage u hav to leev the game and play the game till dub

    Radicas MaximusRadicas Maximusпреди 34 минути
  • I forgot to buy your skin with code lazar 😫😭

    Cr3texCr3texпреди 34 минути
  • Congrats my man

    Xaz ZXaz Zпреди 34 минути
  • Congrats man!! Skin looks great!!

    NatedortNatedortпреди 35 минути
  • Cool

    lunxlunxпреди 35 минути
  • What

    Your mom Is fatYour mom Is fatпреди 35 минути
  • I’m so sorry, I didn’t use code lazar, I will use with next skin

    Jedi722Jedi722преди 35 минути
  • Only icon skin I will ever buy I don’t regret it thi

    PoisedSnake52PoisedSnake52преди 35 минути
  • Also everybody use code laser

    Bryant KeightleyBryant Keightleyпреди 36 минути
  • Another thing I’m gonna do is use the laser beam emote right out in the open while people are done fighting and watch well they do all the work

    Bryant KeightleyBryant Keightleyпреди 36 минути
  • I use your code👀👻👀👻👀👻👀👻👀👻👀👻👀👻

    Aarongod ComptonAarongod Comptonпреди 36 минути
  • Dream team enjoy this

    DreamSMP BackupDreamSMP Backupпреди 36 минути
  • Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet

    Max MohrMax Mohrпреди 37 минути
  • please still sometimes wear gingy

    I is is am is no is though good yes?I is is am is no is though good yes?преди 37 минути
  • I got the skin when it first came out

    Max MohrMax Mohrпреди 37 минути
  • You are so lucky I do not have a skin

    Xavier BowersXavier Bowersпреди 37 минути
  • Ok but when he playin with rifty again?

    0ptik0ptikпреди 37 минути
  • Was the last guy a lazarbeam skin?

    Unknown 1014Unknown 1014преди 38 минути
  • I bought your bundle and used your code

    MatthewOrlando04MatthewOrlando04преди 38 минути
  • I just got the bundle

    Jacob MartinJacob Martinпреди 40 минути
  • Bro my friend gifted me the skin and I'm so happy about it, he also used code lazar

    NovaNovaпреди 40 минути

    sushi_man17sushi_man17преди 40 минути
  • You deserve the skin no fuckin doubt but epic just didnt put in enough effort.. for the best fucking fortnite youtuber EVER

    clutcH_HabitzclutcH_Habitzпреди 40 минути
  • I copped the bundle with his creator code. Use code lazar in the item shop

    Elija SilvaElija Silvaпреди 41 минута
  • called it XD

    Gernade GamingGernade Gamingпреди 42 минути
  • Laserbeam challenge you use the laser beam skin and you go everywhere in this video and try to win after you have gone everywhere laserbeam went

    Bryant KeightleyBryant Keightleyпреди 42 минути
  • I couldn’t buy the skin but I did buy the pickaxe useing code lazar!!

    Jsiebdid EjidbfisbrJsiebdid Ejidbfisbrпреди 42 минути
  • I just got your skin I love it.Your my #1 favorite BGworldr

    Alan SparksAlan Sparksпреди 42 минути
  • Bought it so fast I love it

    SkyシSkyシпреди 44 минути
  • Builder frank the baby gingy

    Daniel SaccoDaniel Saccoпреди 44 минути
  • Sad that when you throw something it doesn’t play the yeet sound

    TeamRylenTeamRylenпреди 44 минути
  • I love your vids

    Jujhar SinghJujhar Singhпреди 46 минути
  • Yes matess

    Blueberry SansBlueberry Sansпреди 46 минути
  • To think lazarbeam got me into this game and now I can use his skin to win games. So cool to see him get to this point! Absolutely awesome.

    Julia BernoskiJulia Bernoskiпреди 46 минути
  • Your on BTN!!! Aussies for the win!!

    Crystal GamerCrystal Gamerпреди 46 минути
  • i bought your skin with ur code

    Charbel AlkhoriCharbel Alkhoriпреди 46 минути
  • U know what would be great with ur emote the lazarbeam song!

    Oscar EspinosaOscar Espinosaпреди 46 минути
  • Cool video

    AJAX KnowzAJAX Knowzпреди 47 минути
  • I miss his overwatch content, his old content was the best!

    AndersHereAndersHereпреди 47 минути
  • I watched this live. It’s was epic 🌟. No comment.

    Flo RoperFlo Roperпреди 48 минути
  • This is my first game with the laser beams getting and I had to drop the same place is laserbeam and his first video with his own skin

    Bryant KeightleyBryant Keightleyпреди 48 минути
  • Love the vid, definitely gonna buy the skin

    Santiago CornejoSantiago Cornejoпреди 49 минути
  • Yay!

    Liam NelsonLiam Nelsonпреди 51 минута
  • I am Ozzie and I thought Americans also call them utes

    Louis VincentLouis Vincentпреди 52 минути
  • I used your code and I bought the lunch break emo

    Monte OroMonte Oroпреди 52 минути
  • Almost 20mil

    ツDrxnkzツDrxnkzпреди 52 минути
  • I always prayed for this day to come

    Michael TrujanoMichael Trujanoпреди 52 минути
  • Congratulations lazar Lazar big love yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet for you

    Joseph KidsJoseph Kidsпреди 53 минути
  • Congratulations man like you bo$$

    Joseph KidsJoseph Kidsпреди 54 минути
  • lmao the beam doesn’t want to 10 minutes

    ScottyScottyпреди 55 минути
  • Bye have you noticed alot of australians get the icon series I wonder why they're popular

    Dave BaultDave Baultпреди 55 минути