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among us is very fun game

players -

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  • F in chat for deluxe

    LazarBeamLazarBeamпреди 5 месеца
    • F

      God of gaming 66God of gaming 66преди 22 дни
    • F

      Quetzalli DolanQuetzalli Dolanпреди месец
    • F

      ammu philipammu philipпреди месец
    • F

      Abara NickAbara Nickпреди 2 месеца
    • F

      Xxjuicy gamerxXXxjuicy gamerxXпреди 2 месеца
  • 2:51 alex in chat be like: where lannan: in caf alex: :0 oh, ok

    MistyTruly CrawfordMistyTruly Crawfordпреди 17 часа
  • FF

    Cal MullenCal Mullenпреди 21 час
  • why deluxe the content

    Garth SewellGarth Sewellпреди ден
  • Last reply yay

    Snips AUSnips AUпреди ден
  • The satisfying knee primarily hurry because ton successively scrub for a outgoing screwdriver. mere, sweltering fork

    hangming zhenghangming zhengпреди 2 дни
  • F

    Unicorn GamingUnicorn Gamingпреди 2 дни
  • Rip deluxe

    Papa Shmegle 69Papa Shmegle 69преди 5 дни
  • 2:23 lol XD

  • Deluxe vote lazerbeam Lazerbeam: uno reverse

    Gacha carrotGacha carrotпреди 8 дни
  • F

    Carol HaysCarol Haysпреди 8 дни
  • i'm the only one that saw that mau killing red in the minute 2:22 even though in the meeting is alive?

    Mauricio DroguettMauricio Droguettпреди 9 дни
  • If among us was made by EA

    RadioActiveRadioActiveпреди 9 дни
  • When you realize that life is pay to win

    Blank NuggetsBlank Nuggetsпреди 10 дни
  • He looked like gref g

    Tech Knight23Tech Knight23преди 10 дни
  • F

    I don’t eat foodI don’t eat foodпреди 11 дни
  • Fffffff

    Star Wars dude legoStar Wars dude legoпреди 11 дни
  • Love ya mate

    WrangWrang is meWrangWrang is meпреди 11 дни
  • who heard fresh say why didnt i get 500 bucks

    joep boerjoep boerпреди 14 дни
    • I did at the end

      GlitchackGlitchackпреди 14 дни
  • Egg

    Pigeon MeatballPigeon Meatballпреди 14 дни
  • 2:23 did anyone see mau kill right before the meeting?

    Gamer PlayzGamer Playzпреди 15 дни
  • AlfiSteel3AlfiSteel3преди 16 дни
  • 2:22 did anyone else see mau kill sidearms.

    H455yB0pH455yB0pпреди 16 дни
  • its funny how fresh said why did u not give me 500$

    Ruth Lopez RomeroRuth Lopez Romeroпреди 16 дни
  • But I got no friend so how can of pay to win

    Kobi DixonKobi Dixonпреди 17 дни
  • Did anyone see mau kill someone the second meeting got called and we could see him kilo

    Deepak DawarDeepak Dawarпреди 18 дни
  • F

    Alex DiasAlex Diasпреди 20 дни
  • 1:41 imma kill a body

  • Plz play apex legends again

    Andrew HigginsAndrew Higginsпреди 22 дни
  • Plot twist: he paid everyone to script this to make it a good YT video

    Intelligent GamerIntelligent Gamerпреди 22 дни
  • F

    Bro CyprusBro Cyprusпреди 23 дни
  • I have found the Master of Among Us. -deep bow

    Jennifer MoyerJennifer Moyerпреди 23 дни
  • Why does Deluxe call you "landon" and not "lannan"

    FanaticOakFanaticOakпреди 23 дни
  • F

    Someone or SomethingSomeone or Somethingпреди 25 дни
  • F

    Aaron KnapshaeferAaron Knapshaeferпреди 25 дни
  • The dull bongo bailly bump because active notably program till a fine reduction. fretful, brief uncle

    Sarah FrySarah Fryпреди 26 дни
  • Did deluxe call him Landon though??

    Nicolas MartinezNicolas Martinezпреди 26 дни
    • Its Lannan

      Moo PlaysMoo Playsпреди 25 дни

    Gustavo RamosGustavo Ramosпреди 28 дни
  • ( ͡° _ ͡°)

    Jamir StudiosJamir Studiosпреди 29 дни
  • ( ͡° -°)

    Jamir StudiosJamir Studiosпреди 29 дни

    Brianna LassoBrianna Lassoпреди 29 дни
  • LOL

    malika lowemalika loweпреди месец
  • Y

    Trick ShotTrick Shotпреди месец
  • I put F for deluxe

    jovani Gallegosjovani Gallegosпреди месец

    jovani Gallegosjovani Gallegosпреди месец
  • F

    jovani Gallegosjovani Gallegosпреди месец
  • I love your among us vids

    farming bros for lifefarming bros for lifeпреди месец
  • F

    Rjwinder PariharRjwinder Pariharпреди месец
  • F

    Drew BeeDrew Beeпреди месец
  • F

    Ginni KangGinni Kangпреди месец
  • 😂

    ShadyBladeShadyBladeпреди месец
  • F

    Jaiyden Machelle ღJaiyden Machelle ღпреди месец
  • i love how he says tosks

    Jaiyden Machelle ღJaiyden Machelle ღпреди месец
  • F

    Forrest SellmannForrest Sellmannпреди месец
  • Hi

    Brayden Gaming & MoviesBrayden Gaming & Moviesпреди месец
  • Are we are going to ignore the fact that’s there is a body on Mau as well

    Jimena MartinezJimena Martinezпреди месец
  • LazarBeam = T Series Deluxe = PewDiePie

    MMMD2MMMD2преди месец
  • F

    Anzur8303 AnzurAnzur8303 Anzurпреди месец
  • F

    Noah winsten DalsgaardNoah winsten Dalsgaardпреди месец
  • What’s the victory music

    Anish Ghotane GurungAnish Ghotane Gurungпреди месец
  • I lobe rock delli honey soy chips

    Emily does ArtEmily does Artпреди месец
    • Love

      Emily does ArtEmily does Artпреди месец
  • amonis

    Austin ChangAustin Changпреди месец
  • 2:20 ik yall didnt just see mau kill as soon as the body was reported

    William GravesWilliam Gravesпреди месец
  • when lazar beam was hidding browns body when white reported it mau killed red when it said descuss so when it says descuss look for mau killing red

    Barry JonesBarry Jonesпреди месец
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    Exhibit CooksExhibit Cooksпреди месец
  • Who else saw black kill on 2:22 on the top left?

    Aaron LamAaron Lamпреди месец
  • Mau and Lazar was imposter twice

    Ewan BurkeEwan Burkeпреди месец
  • When I played among us I realized that when you buy something in among us you get more percentage of getting imposter

    RamaRamaпреди месец
  • Fabulous have yah gg Jung

    Rashed FalahiRashed Falahiпреди месец
  • If u look closely at his white shirt its dirty

    Fat TonyFat Tonyпреди месец
  • Hi laserbeam I love it when you say fuck

    Rip GhostRip Ghostпреди месец
  • your my favorite BGworldr

    My KiddosMy Kiddosпреди месец
  • It's the minecraft god himself

    classic sansclassic sansпреди месец
  • You should say your afk as impostor and kill then go back to whare you were when you were afk but not

    Bonnie and Matt! BaM! BensonBonnie and Matt! BaM! Bensonпреди месец
  • Check out my fortnite montage Spicy!

    AUK-AliAUK-Aliпреди месец
  • Did anyone else see red die here 2:22 right before meeting

    Science NelliScience Nelliпреди месец
  • The hurt anethesiologist geometrically touch because loss quickly observe about a succinct price. obnoxious, quarrelsome price

    Ava JaraAva Jaraпреди месец
  • 2:23 so we ain’t gonna talk about how Mau killed and no one saw

    Tu canTu canпреди месец
  • F

    Simon Kjærgaard TrinderupSimon Kjærgaard Trinderupпреди месец
  • it can be up to 3 imposters

    KillerXcrewKillerXcrewпреди месец
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    Christian GamerChristian Gamerпреди месец
  • istg I learnt how to say " NAAHHH MATTEE" from Lannan itself, every friend, I say " NAAHHH MAATTE "

    Touqeer AhmedTouqeer Ahmedпреди месец
  • did any bodey see mau kill right whene wild cat found lannen on the bodey he killed

    Forrest SellmannForrest Sellmannпреди месец
  • with the mini crew mate i8ts helpful becae it helps c over the body

    Forrest SellmannForrest Sellmannпреди месец
  • Hilarious 😂

    Yordanos TarikuYordanos Tarikuпреди месец
  • F for deluxe

    blaze dragonblaze dragonпреди месец
  • Lol they are bots

    AIDYN ALIAIDYN ALIпреди месец
  • See I don’t understand why Deluxe is winging about this. Has he ever heard of memes??

    Josephine JJosephine Jпреди месец
  • F

    Benbob The FekrBenbob The Fekrпреди месец
  • F sorry deluxe

    Jax on ice BlogzJax on ice Blogzпреди месец
  • F

    It’s ya boy Pizza PeteIt’s ya boy Pizza Peteпреди месец
  • F

    Zakia NilaZakia Nilaпреди месец
  • F lol hahahahahahahahhahahha deluxe get big brained on boiiiiiiii

    Dawn GreenDawn Greenпреди месец
  • 2:22 you can see mau kill

    Geraldine RivasGeraldine Rivasпреди месец
  • 2:22 look at the top left lol

    ׁׁпреди месец
  • did anyone else see mau kill when wild cat reported the body lol

    Joey BourgeoisJoey Bourgeoisпреди месец
  • 2:22 did you see a kill

    nathan say hinathan say hiпреди месец
  • I’ve got a feeling Delux doesn’t like lazar

    Kid AdventuresKid Adventuresпреди месец
  • you are so funny

    Mariam MalikMariam Malikпреди месец
  • it is my dream to see you

    Mariam MalikMariam Malikпреди месец